Responsibilities: Lagos State Film and Video Censors Board

The functions of the Board are:

  • To regulate and control cinematograph works and exhibitions
  • To censor and categorize cinematograph works including posters.
  • To register, license and classify cinematograph works, premises, producers and bodies involved in the production, distribution, marketing and exhibition of films and videos.
  • To control and regulate the production of films in order to prevent the production of undesirable or dangerous acts against public order and decency.
  • Prescribe safety regulations on premises or such exhibition or public centres where performances are viewed.
  • To hear and determine appeals including power to revoke, alter and vary earlier decisions arising from activities of the censorship committee or such other committees or persons empowered by the Board to carry out activities on its behalf.
  • To perform such other functions as are necessary or expedient for the full discharge of all or any of the functions conferred on it by this law.


In carrying out these functions, we offer the following services:

Our Services

  • Censorship & Classification of Films.
  • Screening of Films for Premier.
  • Inspection and Certification of Exhibition Centers, Cinema Halls and Viewing Centers.
  • Registration of Video Clubs, Video Rentals and Viewing Centers across the State.
  • Registration of Associations and bodies responsible for the production, sale, distribution, marketing and exhibition of Film & Video works within Lagos State.
  • Sensitization of the stakeholders and public.
  • Carry out research and documentation.


To be a credible, visible and foremost cinematograph regulatory authority, with a body of professional and dedicated officers, that promotes healthy entertainment to the public.



To manage and control cinematograph works and materials through setting standards that deliver decent values and enhance public trust and confidence.


Our core values

  • Professionalism
  • Fairness and impartiality
  • Quality Service
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Stewardship
  • Teamwork

Our Service Standards

  • LSFVCB will run and operate as a proactive and service-oriented corporate entity, providing full creative and progressive state-of-the-art services and facilities in film and video production, censorship, distribution and promotion in Lagos State.
  • LSFVCB will combine its regulatory duties and responsibilities with an unprecedented dedicated focus on film and movie promotion and development in Lagos State.
  • LSFVCB will create the appropriate environment for movie making to be fulfilling, rewarding, elevating and economically empowering for the film and video stakeholders and emergent practitioners.
  • LSFVCB will create a fulfilling, collaborative and healthy relationship and deep understanding between the Board and all stakeholders in the film/video production, distribution and promotion in Lagos State.
  • LSFVCB will work with movie practioners in creating a well organized and structured industry in Lagos State and developing a leading state-of-the-art mega film city in Africa.
  • LSFVCB will provide new direction in film & video content
  • LSFVCB will improve standards of professionalism in film production
  • Provide staff with the skills and support to maximise their productivity.
  • Provide access to information on work processes and emerging issues.
  • Our shall treat all our clients fairly and professionally
  • All correspondence to the Board will be treated within 48 hours.
  • Establish a database of all classified works, video outlets and distributors and update such information periodically.
  • Provide facilities for online transactions and services.

Performance against Our Service Standards

We will continually monitor and evaluate our service against the standards we have set in this charter and report annually on how well we have met these standards. This will be subjected to constant reviews in order to make sure that we continually improve our services to stakeholders.


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